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Class With David Rosenthal


Where do I even begin!  I had my first voice over class tonight with David Rosenthal and now I am so JAZZED, that I cant sleep.

It was a small class, which is what I prefer.  You have the opportunity to learn from others mistakes and triumphs but also receive a pretty good amount of individual attention.  Score!

Tonight’s class focused on narration.  This is typically anything 60 seconds or longer, is not a commercial or character voice and usually doesn’t air on the radio or on tv.  After class, I realized for myself that I know more than I thought I did.  Breathe support is incredibly important, moving your body will make the reading of the script more believable/genuine and EVERYONE has that little nagging voice in their head that tries to trip you up…only mine doesnt want me to quit, it  wants me to fast forward!

Lots of good things absorbed.  As I get ready for bed I will be thinking about lasers, sustaining energy and spirit, and not letting my brain fast forward on copy.  Most importantly, that I am a better voice over artist because
of it all! ——>YES!



7×7 Style Council 2011


I LOVE going into a photo booth!  I just can’t pass up the opportunity especially when with my main squeeze!  So, when I saw one at the 7×7 Style Council Party, IT WAS ON!  Here are the pics of us at the 7×7 Style Council 2011

Thanks for looking!




Who Are You Targeting!?!


Hey guys!

I have been thinking a lot more about who I really need to target.  Who I really want to work for.  There are many products and characters I would LOVE to have the opportunity to create but I know starting out, I need to really hone in on where my voice is strongest.

So, I dug deep.  What have people been saying to me, about me?  What have people said about me that is consistent?    I have been told by others that I am genuine, loving, sweet, kind, upbeat and personable.  And though I would normally just smile and say “Aww, Thank You”,  I need to take these qualities into consideration.

When I think about these qualities and in listening to recordings of my voice I notice right away that my voice would be strongest in a more commercial category, rather than going straight into doing character voices, or straight into narration.

After all, my voice is genuine, loving, sweet, kind, upbeat and personable.

So, now all I need to do is make a list off all the people I know, all the people I want to work with, finish my branding, package my demo and get it this package out there in the world.

Ehhh, that’s not so bad!