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May Awesomeness!


I don’t really know where to start!  May has definitely been an exciting and busy month!  As the month closes, I look back on what I have accomplished and am beside myself.
I have been doing a lot of preparation work this month.  I have been practicing my songs everyday for my performance June 24th at the Alcove Theater, preparing my Dani Vox marketing strategy for June, working on my character voices, and location scouting and storyboarding for a short video I am producing and directing with my colleagues, Ellis Au and Marc Virata, for an event I am hosting with The Good Life, Presenting Fit Approach, June 13th!  That’s a mouth full!

Yes, LOTS in the pipeline for June!  With everything in the works for next month I am sure I will blow May right out of the water!  Did I mention the 3 weddings I am going to?  NC, NV, and NY!  Yup!  All out of state.  I am still trying to figure out which dress I should wear to each wedding!

Back to May…The biggest accomplishment for me this month was to perform my lines as Claire Foster for the independent film Refuge.  I wasn’t nervous until I had arrived at the location where my scene was to be shot.  It was like all of my senses had decided to turn the dial all the way up and concentrate in my legs!  Weird!  I was cold but I was sweating, and I just could not drink enough water.

My nerves slowly died down after watching a few takes of the actress before me and more so, after sitting in hair and make-up.  Time became an issue by the time my scene needed to be filmed but by then I had worked out most of my weird nerves and was trying not to let the pressure of “time” get to me.
Once in front of the camera and time to perform, it was like I was no longer myself.  It was like my brain automatically turned off and I was outside myself as I spoke my lines.  In a way it was freeing.  Anyone who has a mind that seems to be “on” at all times knows how freeing it is when you stumble upon a moment of that beautiful, thoughtless, quiet.
Apparently I knocked it out of the park on my first take!  We did 2 more for good measure, a few takes from a different angle and that was it.  I am still on the performance high!
I can’t wait for my next opportunity to be on-camera!  Who knows…it could be a matter of days!  Wink, Wink!

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My beautiful mom.










My sister, brother and me.

Happy Mothers Day, Mommy!



Lessons in Balance


A week ago I wrote a blog about trying to figure out how to “Fit It All In”.  At that time I had felt overwhelmed with what seemed like an endless list of “TO DO’s”.  As one line item was crossed off the list another would soon be added and I wondered how I was ever going to accomplish everything I needed and wanted to get done?  This was an all to familiar feeling for me.  My stomach sank as I started to think back on the days of when all I did was work, until, that is, I became sick and had to put my career on hold.

As an entrepreneur it can be overwhelming to fit work, health & fitness, and quality time with friends, family, and boyfriend.  Not to mention the much needed “ME” time that we all tend to put on the back burner.  So how do you find balance when you run your own business, want to stay healthy, and also maintain your sanity by adding “ME” time or an occasional Manhattan with a few of your closets buds???

I am a retoucher and photographer transitioning into a career as a voice over artist, actress and singer.  (which means I am doing all of the above!)  I have also taken on the privilege of being a Sweat Pink Ambassador for Fit Approach contributing to their blog, creating my own Sweat Pink competitions and give aways with the mission to inspire others to take on a healthy lifestyle.  I am also taking an intensive acting & singing class with Faith Prince and Natasha Burr, I am working on songs for a show I am doing in conjunction with Monique Mallicoat’s class at the Alcove Theatre in June, working on my lines for my scene in the independent film, Refuge, and creating new voices for my characters demo that I would love to create within the next month or so.  Hmmm, yeah.  See what I mean?  While this new path is an exciting one with lots of fun “work” to do, it could be easy to burn out if you don’t watch out.
So, back to the question, how do I find balance while accomplishing my goals?  Last week I got super organized and created a schedule with blocks of time for each project, workout and hang/rest time.  I blogged about my schedule and goals Monday-Friday.

This turned out to be a pretty great excersize for me.  I learned a lot about myself and what balance really is to me by creating this schedule and writing about it.  Here is what I learned:

Visual Record…

After looking back on all of my blogs from this past week I have learned that keeping a visual record of what I do or need to do, has opened me up to really see.  Not just to see what I need to do and how long I have to do it in but really see the world around me right down to where my shift in moods come from, why I am tired, or in contrast, have so much energy!


Through this personal project I have learned that balance is organic.  Balance is relative.  Some days its a fitness/9-5/hang time with your friends kind of a day, while other days are no fitness/nose to the grind until its time for bed kind of a day!  Balance is about knowing when to GO and when to SLOW DOWN.  Remembering to eat on those long work days, knowing when to take on a challenge or hanging back because your plate is just too full at the moment.
I can see that keeping these things in mind at all times will help me to maintain and feel balanced even in this crazy entrepreneurial world I live in. Everyday is different for me. Working out when I can, getting plenty of sleep, eating healthy, surrounding myself with positive people, doing work I love to do, supporting causes I believe in, inspiring others, and putting out as much love as I possibly can…doing these things balances my scale whether it is one thing one day or ten the next.

Wow…thanks for following me this week.  Its been an eye opener.


Thursday/Friday Goals


Thursday and Friday went by so fast its pretty much a blur.  BUT I did say I would post my goals for each of the days last week in order to figure out how to fit everything in while maintaining some sort of balance.

6:00-7:00am              work out

Ended up not getting up to work out because of the lack of sleep from the night before.
7:00-8:30am               Get ready for work
Ended up sleeping in until 7:30!  But I still managed to still do the Green Smoothie Challenge.
-Green Smoothie Challenge
Spinach, Hemp Seeds, Cocont Water, Strawberries, Yogurt, Fennel, Kale, lemon
8:45-5:45pm               Work with William Sonoma
Work lasted a little longer than usual.  As  a freelancer within the photography industry you really don’t know what your schedule is going to be like.  Today was one of those wild card days.  Ended up leaving by 6:30.  Not bad, but it did make me late for my next appointment.
6:00-8:30pm               Monique: Songs for Showcase, Run Lines, Give her cd
Since I was late getting off of work I was late meeting Monique for our practice session.  By the time I had arrived at her place it was closer to 7.  Ended up that we both had a long day and were in need of a break.  We breaked for dinner and then went back to her place to practice my songs and run my lines for the movie, Refuge, I am going to be filmed in later this month.
9:00pm                       Hang with Tony
The goal was to be home by 9.  Ended up being 11:00.  No hang time.  Just. Bed.

And finally…

6:00-7:00am              work out

Nope.  I slept in.
7:00-8:30am               Get ready for work
Actually….I slept in until 10 and did not do the Green Smoothie Challenge.
9:00-6:00pm               Work on personal work from home
Hmmmm… Ended up meeting some out of town friends for brunch and did some shopping.  Home around 2 to take a nap.  Felt exhausted all day!
6:00-?                           Start of out of town friends bachelorette party!  Wo-whoo!
Safe to say that this happened.  :o)

As you can see, I did not complete all of my goals for the week.  I did, however, manage to make everything up on Saturday so I don’t feel so bad.   I think a recap is in order… stay tuned for the next blog.


Wednesday Goals!


Wow…today was crazy busy.  I was so busy on a job today that I hardly had time to even glance at my email!

               Get ready for work
-Green Smoothie
Spinach, Hemp Seeds, Carrots, Cocont Water, Mango, Strawberries, Peanutbutter, Fennel, Kale, Celery
It may look questionable but tastes oh so gooooood!  However, I would recommend not putting in so my celery… its weird.
               Work with William Sonoma
- Work Out rest day—->No work out this morning but I decieded to ride my bike to work!  The weather has been amazing!  Rode to Piccino’s to grab a coffee with my friend Ellis, then we were off, pixel pushing time!  And how!  Packed day.  The images were pouring in like water.  (Good thing for the caffeine!) And I have to say…I was feeling last nights work out from The Park Gym.  We got WORKED!

              Dinner/Hang time with Tony
-Biked home.  Relaxed with a nice home cooked meal, white wine and the Giants.  OH YEAH!  :o)

                   Work on stuff:
Songs for Showcase, CHECK! Blog, uh, CHECK! VO Sites…VO Sites….umm…

Time to turn off the game and get to work for a few hours.  I would have had everything on my list for today completed however I had one more image request from a retouching job I did this weekend.  So, I ended up doing that instead of going to the voice over sites.  All good though.  I will just have to see where I can squeeze it in!

Going to see if I can go to bed in the next 15-20 minutes… not quit hitting my bed time goal so we will see how it affects me tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!