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Alcove Theater Pics



After a performance I feel like I have been hosed down with Awesome Juice! There is nothing like the high of confidence and just plain old ‘feel good’ feeling of accomplishment you get from it. I have to thank Monique Mallicoat for creating the opportunity to perform at the Alcove Theater! I felt honored that she believed in me to have invited me to sing.

I sang two solos and had the opportunity to sing a duet with Kristina Stasi who currently has a role in the play Spring Awakening. I have learned so much from both Monique and Kristina and look forward to more late night practices with the piano.

Tony Sison, thank you for being my number one fan and taking all these pictures! Charles Evans, Ellis Au, Camen Holt, Derrek Pearson, Brian Molyneaux, Kaya Molyneaux and FAITH PRINCE, thank you for coming!!!  I appreciate all of you so much!

Here are a few more pictures from the night…


TONIGHT at The Alcove Theater!



Practice, practice, practice!  Well, thats what I have been doing every free second.  I have been asked to sing TONIGHT at The Alcove Theater in a cabaret style show!  I will be singing 3 songs!  Admission is free and the show starts at 8PM.

The Alcove Theater
414 Mason Street, SF , 5th floor

See you there!




Riza and Ryan


Dear Blog…Wow!

As I get deeper and deeper into June the good times keep coming and I feel my relationships with friends, family, my man, and community grow stronger!
This past weekend Tony and I went to Las Vegas to celebrate the union of our friends/cousins Riza and Ryan.  For me, this was wedding 2 of 5 for 2012.  From the minute we dropped the car off at long term parking…it was on!  Literally non-stop all weekend and even now, back home, I rolled right into a week an a half job retouching for Williams Sonoma!
My favorite part of any wedding ceremony is watching the groom as he fixes his eyes on his bride as she walks down the isle.  You can just feel the enormity of his love for his bride.  I always cry…and this wedding was no different!

Another great highlight was finally getting to listen to Riza sing.  She sang two songs that night, one solo and the second a duet with her husband.  Amazing!  There was also a dance performance by a few kids from the  family.  AND!  Guess who caught the bouquet toss?!?!  Oh, Oh!  We even had time during the trip to ride the New York, New York roller coaster, go to the “Old Las Vegas” downtown,  AAAAAND go to Gold & Silver Pawn Shop from the show Pawn Stars!  As I said earlier, things just kept going, the fun building and love growing!

This week I will be preparing for my performance at the Alcove Theater happening this Sunday and lastly, getting back into the grove of my workout routine.  It even looks like I will get to start promoting my new website soon as well!  Cant wait for that!  Then, wedding #3 in NY is only a week and a half away and then we will be in to July already.  CRAZY!

I am loving the month of June!


The Good Life Gets Fit!



So, I keep talking about all the amazing things that are happening this month but haven’t really told you more than that!  Ha!  I promise, you will get the dish.  For now though, let us talk about this one event happening, uh, TONIGHT!
As you know, I have become an ambassador for Fit Approach.  For the past month I have been planning an event with the Fit Approach ladies and the day has arrived!  We have lots in store!
The idea of throwing this event brought a lot of people together.  Its not just the Fit Approach and the Good Life crew coming together, it has also brought a pretty dynamic group of photo/video peeps who liked the idea of creating original content that will be projected on the wall the night of the event.

We shot for 2 days.  1 runner.  1 Yogi.  Here is a teaser video from one of our shoot days: http://youtu.be/pqlSOO__fOM

So here it is…THIS ALL HAPPENS TONIGHT, Wednesday June 13th from 9 until close at Laszlo.  The Good Life gets fit with the Fit Approach crew!  Great tunes, awesome vids, most excellent drinks, and GOOD TIMES. There will also be all sorts of *FREE* schwag and a super duper PINK drink menu.

Laszlo: 2526 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA

Come out tonight and “Sweat Pink” with me!

Kristy Got HITCHED!


There are a lot of amazing things happening this month however, the most important happened this past weekend.  One of my best friends got married!
Red eye to Atlanta, coffee break, breakfast, nap, fill up on allergy meds and sunscreen, then my other besty, Christina, and I were on the road to beautiful North Carolina!  When I say beautiful…I really do mean beautiful!


Coffee Break!

Breakfast time!

On our way to NC!

Beautiful North Carolina!

Once we checked in to our room at Harrah’s it took no time for us to get involved in the wedding festivities. Christina and I were bridesmaids and Kristy’s daughter, Tyra, was her lovely maid of honor.
The Chapel was intimate and as Kristy walked down the aisle you could hear everyone gasp and whisper about how beautiful she looked.  Christina and I high-fived each other, discreetly of course, about our awesome hair and makeup skills.  The best part was when Mark saw her for the first time.  He had the biggest smile on his face and simply said, “Gorgeous.”

The End!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!