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As you know my new website www.danivox.com is up and running.  I have been receiving great feedback and even had a client mention that she had “never seen a voice over artist website look so sleek and professional!”   SWEET!

Please connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and here!  My Blog to keep up with the everyday challenges and inspirations of being a voice over artist, actor and singer.  I am also going to be sending out a newsletter once a month.  I have already sent out the first and am already receiving rave reviews and connections!  ”Ask, and you shall receive.”  As “they” say.

You can sign up for my newsletter on the bottom right of the page on my website www.danivox.com .  I LOVE feedback!  So let me know what you think.

Thank you for the love!

Dani Vox

New Website!



I am STOKED to reveal my new voice over website www.danivox.com!

There is nothing like working with a great graphic designer to get you pumped about design and functionality.  Sheila Buchanan was able to create a professional, sleek website for me out of a phone call and a pile of adjectives.

Her creation:

It’s time to get to work!  Are you ready WORLD!  Dani Vox is about to BLOW UP!

Dani Vox


New York Wedding!


Oh New York, I did not want to leave you!

Tony and I had the best time!  We decided to look on AirBnb for a place to stay before we left and ending up getting a really cute, comfortable place in Williamsburg.

With nothing but time on our hands we would glance at our potential “to do” list and pick one if we wanted to do something or…not!  The trip was very relaxed and we did things at our leisure.  That said, we still managed to get a lot in!

We went to see the Statue of Liberty, which I HIGHLY recommend booking your ticket online ahead of time.  Otherwise the wait would have been NUTS-O!  I mean really.  Who wants to wait in line… in the heat… for what seems like FOREVER!  Book your ticket online.  :o)

After all the times I have been to New York, I finally walked the Brooklyn Bridge.  Pretty views on a warm day!

We also went to see the 9/11 Memorial.  I also recommend going online to book your ticket and time.  The line of people waiting to just to buy their ticket to get in was long.  The memorial was pretty and quite.  The 30 foot drop waterfalls cascaded into a square void.  The nothingness of it made me feel uneasy.  I don’t know anyone who died their but it was still an emotional experience.

We also went to the Brooklyn Museum to see the Keith Herring exhibit.  I had no idea that, that was what we were going to see.  Nice surprise!

We went to the MET as well to see the Cloud City exhibit.  It was cool AND you get to go inside of it!

A few other highlights included FINALLY meeting our friends cat Winston, see our friends kids, Oscar and Stella, hanging out at Lorens shop, hanging out at our friend Robs rooftop top drinking wine all afternoon and my friend Joseph stopping by fork the fun bringing a box of french macaroons THAT HE MADE!

We stopped to ride a carousel on our way to Photoville, ate a lot of ice-cream, made time to go to China Town to have some soup dumplings (my fav!), Spent a day at the beach, celebrated our friends Greg’s birthday at Hot Bird, AND went to out friends, Scott Campbell, to watch the fireworks from his roof.

It was the best of both worlds.  SF crew out in NY to do nothing but celebrate  and making it a vacation at the same time.

Now… pictures from the actual wedding I will have to catch you up on later.  My phone was having a fit for the entire trip so I unfortunatly was not able to take any pictures.  I will leave you with a few ore of my favorites, though.

Thanks for looking!

Dani Vox