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The Master

I watched “The Master” the other day.
I was pretty blown away by Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Amy Adams performances!  I mean…WOW.  I liked the cinematography as well, but other than that… ehhhh.  I would watch the movie again but just to study the acting.

I recommend watching it to see great acting but otherwise I would warn that you might be bored.

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Voice Over SCAM!

Warning! Here’s a voice over SCAM to avoid!!
Here is some great advise from The Great Voice Company.

Beware of ads that advertise for “voice talent with no experience needed”  in your local paper.

They are typically placed by fly-by-night individuals claiming to be talent agents or managers. Answer the ad and they’ll invite you to their office. Once there, you’ll “audition” by reading a script. They will then gush all over you, compliment you on your voice and promise to make you a star. Then, watch out for the scam. They’ll tell you that if you give them several hundred dollars or more they’ll make your demo tape, duplicate it, send it out and get you work. Sometimes they’ll try to get additional money for headshots or a modeling portfolio.

They’ll send you to record a few scripts in some equally shady studio (or maybe record you right on the spot) with no coaching or preparation. And then they’ll take your money, and run! You will never hear from them again and in a few weeks their phones will be disconnected and they will be long gone with your hard earned money!!

A sad story, but one I’ve heard again and again from people who were ripped off .

Here’s how to keep this from happening to you:

1. Never give any money up front to an agent, manager or anyone who promises to get you work. A legitimate agent or manager gets paid their 10 or 15% AFTER they get you the job, never before.

2. Never give money to someone who claims to be an agent or manager for demo tape production. The only person you should pay to help you with your demo is a qualified coach or a legitimate recording studio, which you have thoroughly investigated before you invest. A legitimate agent or manager will never charge the talent for tape duplication or marketing costs. To prevent any “funny business” arrange for tape duplication yourself and pay the duplicator directly. Give the agent or manager a few tapes to send out at his expense and tell him to call you when he needs more. If you don’t hear from him after a month or so, you’re out nothing more than the cost of a few audio cassettes.

4. A legitimate agent or manager will NEVER make promises or ask for money up front for anything. Period.

5. Investigate anyone who claims to be an agent or manager by:

  • -Calling your local department of consumer affairs
  • -Talking to experienced actors and voice talent in your area
  • -Calling your AFTRA or SAG local to see if they are franchised
  • -Asking for a list of at least 10 other actors who have worked with them so you can check references
  • -Trusting your gut. If it feels fishy or sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
  • -Copyright 2012, The Great Voice Company. All Rights Reserved.

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Copyright 2012, The Great Voice Company. All Rights Reserved. How To Break Into Voice Overs. http://www.greatvoice.com/how-to-break-into-voiceovers

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