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2013 A Year Ahead



As the New Year approaches, you may be thinking about the goals you want to achieve in 2013. Perhaps they’re specific and concrete, or perhaps you’re still figuring out what you want…

I dont know that I have any resolutions.  I do know that I want to continue to create and inspire.  2012 has been a year of adventures for new experiences, enlightenment, unions, gratitude, and clarity.
Dani Vox-Positive EnergyI feel so full of love, and the freedom from a weight that had been barring down for such a long time, lifted.  I can only see a positive path ahead leading me prepared for everything 2013 has to offer.  And its ALL GOOD BABY!

So, raise the volume on the loving voice within!  Life is great!

I wish everyone great abundance in 2013!  Happy New Year!


Danielle Hall
aka Dani Vox! <3

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Happy Holiday’s! YEAH!


Dani Vox_Christmas-4

Growing up my mom made sure that Christmas felt like a magical time.  After Thanksgiving dinner it was a tradition for my dad to go into the basement and lug up the multiple boxes filled with ornaments, dolls, and the many other decorations my mom had collected over the years.  Dad would assemble our tall, fake, green tree and my sister, brother and I would help my mom unpack the boxes to start decorating the house.  We would decorate the tree together and my dad always finished it off by putting the angle at the top.

Dani Vox_Christmas-6

Dani Vox_Christmas-3

Traditions are important to me.  My family Christmas traditions will always hold a special place however since moving to San Francisco,  some new traditions have formed with new people to share them with.  I have just noticed these new traditions and have again found that magical feeling my mom created every year growing up.  Christmas Eve a few drinks with friends and opening of presents.  Christmas day, sleep in and go to the movies followed by dinner at our friends Greg and Helen.  Friends come in to town to share time and stories with… thinking back on the past year and appreciating even more the relationships I have.

Dani Vox-Vacation-2

I hope this day is filled with love and laughter!  I wish you the best this Holiday Season and in our everyday forward.  Thank you for stopping by!

Dani Vox_Christmas-2


Danielle Hall
aka Dani Vox!

Mick Leonardi-Smoke & Mirrors Video


WHA-WHOOOO!  Check out this music video I had the opportunity to be in!  I am one ANGRY mom! Isn’t my daughter cute? :o)

So?  What do you think?

Check out more of from Mick Leonardi: HERE

Much LOVE!

Danielle Hall
aka Dani Vox!

Hawaii Vacation!



Dani Vox-Vacation-1

It has been a LONG time coming!  No computer.  No work.  Just sleep, relaxation and a lot of adventure!  You know what I mean.  Everyone needs a little down time to recharge and reflect… or recharge!  Haha!  Below is a MUCH edited down version of our trip to the Big Island.  Enjoy!

Dani Vox-Vacation-5

Dani Vox-Vacation-17Dani Vox-Vacation-3Dani Vox-Vacation-4Dani Vox-Vacation-

Dani Vox-Vacation-7Dani Vox-Vacation-9

Dani Vox-Vacation-18Dani Vox-Vacation-14


Danielle Hall
aka Dani Vox!

Sing, Sang, Sung!


I sang my heart out this past Wednesday at The Make Out Room!  The room was full… and before I knew it, I was done.

BIG thanks to Raul Sanchez for another opportunity to be on stage.  To Monique Mallicoat and Adam Polakoff for backing me up on the instrumentals and Tony Sison for reasons to many to count.  And Ellis Au!  Thank you for helping with that  heavy keyboard back to the house! Lol!

I had SO MUCH FUN!  Thank you for coming out to hear me sing.  It’s something I would like to do more of, FOR SURE!  So please keep sending me the love and letting me know what you think!  For updates on my voice adventures please check out my Facebook Fan Page below.


One of my favorite things about singing is that when I am done there is always someone who comes up to me and says, “Wow.  I did not expect that big voice out of you!”


Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the performance.  Thanks again!
Danielle Hall
aka Dani Vox!