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Day 2, Gummy Bear Holon Voice Over!


CHALLENGE!  It’s Day 2, and Im PUMPED!

With the use of Instagram, I am challenging myself to do 1 new character voice a day for 30 days.  This is a pretty ambitious goal, I mean, THAT’S 30 ORIGINAL VOICES!  …but!  There is inspiration all around and I am up for the challenge.  :o)

Check out Day 2, “Gummy Bear Holon” Character Voice Over.

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Stay tuned for tomorrow’s new character voice!

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In A World, the MOVIE !?


In A World_DaniVox2You know when you are into something, like “Cats” , or “Roosters”, or “Hello, Kitty” people come out of the wood work and start sending you links and pictures,  giving you everything that has to do with that theme?

Careers are no different!  I swear, when I was working as a photographer I would get a photo album from someone every year for Christmas… “Thanks?!?”

Well, as you know, I am now a Voice Over Artist.  So, when I received this link about this movie called,”In A World” I found myself surprised to be SUPER EXCITED about it!
In A World_DaniVoxI cant wait for this to come out August 9th!  Watch it! Lets talk about it! Are there any movies you are excited to see coming up?  Any cartoon series you love that you think I should watch?

Check out the trailer:

I would love to know!  :o)

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A Week in LA- Scene Study


DaniVox_SceneStudyI often take a trip down to LA to attend Scene Study at The Acting Center.  I highly recommend them!  Both the students and teachers are super supportive.  Love it!
DaniVox_Scene StudyThis time around, I went down for a whole week to submerge myself in Scene Study.  Snap shot of me breaking down my character, Claire Foster, from the independent movie I am in, (Refuge). Scene to be shot soon! Woot!
DaniVox_fonuts1And then I was introduced to this place… I am OBSESSED!  I ended up going to get fonuts 3 times while I was there.  And I didnt just  have one.  I bought 3 each time!!!  SO GOOD!  Here are a few more pics to get my point across.  SO GOOD!

DaniVox_fonuts2 DaniVox_fonuts3
Below are a few more pics.  Im kind of loving LA.  :o)


Dani Vox

What Are You Waiting For?


Really… what is it that holds you back?  Makes you feel like you can’t do it?  …what would be the worst case scenario if you went for it? Would you fine with not trying at all?

Oh boy!  I know, for me, if I don’t go after it I would always wonder, and that would be worse!  Go after your dreams.  You deserve them.

Dani Vox

My Photoshoot with Paul McPherson!


Super excited to share photos the talented Paul D. McPherson Jr. took of me!

ming Soon!

Dani Vox