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Thank You, Awkward Family Photo


…for your random tidbits.  Baby in a cage!  WHAT?
“In the 20th Century, babies were kept in cages outside windows, so they could get sunlight and air to get Vitamin D for good health. Originating in America, it was also said that these too provided more room for families who had little space in their city homes & somewhere for the child to play with toys.”

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Happy 4th!


I think there is a theme happening here.  What do you think?
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Happy 4th to YOU!

Dani Vox

The Goddess Collective on Leadership


The Goddess Collective_DaniVox
Last night I had the opportunity to sit in on a meeting hosted by
The Goddess Collective.

They have started a Feminine Leadership Movement asking you to stand in your authentic LEADERSHIP by choosing your inner Leader and educating HER, training HER, and nurturing HER AWAKENING.

Last nights meeting focused on “The 14 Principles of Feminine Leadership” and “Exploring the Principle of Commitment”.

“The 14 Principles of Feminine Leadership”


1. Embodied Presence- Bringing all of one’s Self to the moment.  Holding clarity, focus, and presence while maintaining your “YOUness”.

2. Self-Authority- You are empowered to hold a centered and balanced position of authority within the self.  Knowing you define you and no one else gets to.  You have the right and authority to take action based on your needs, ideas, desires, dreams, and more.

3. Integrity- Be consistent with your actions, behaviors, and communication.  Be accountable for your actions or non-actions.  Know you are responsible for your creations in the world and we all have the ability to respond.  Allow yourself to see the overview of a situation and respond with your intuitive sense of honesty and truth.  Be your word and your word becomes gold.

4. Intuition- Utilizing your instinctual knowing and deep wisdom.
Intuition_DaniVox5. Leadership  with Love- Holding a balanced position of Leadership with compassion and generating a nurturing environment.  Generate a co-created leadership, knowing we are all open to our unique path with the ability to shine.

6. Clear Communication- Being willing and have the skill set necessary to speak lovingly to your needs, desires, boundaries, goals, vision, and business.

7. Individual Uniqueness- You are one of a kind and that is a celebration.  Be willing to radiate your “YOUness”.  Allowing you to celebrate you is accepting the gift you are to all of us.

8. Confidence- A trust filled relationship with yourself, your skill set, and your wisdom.  Allowing yourself to lead from your inner strength.

9. Birth- Allowing the process of Birth to organize and move through you.  When a woman is actually giving physical birth she doesn’t actively pause and focus on creating each aspect of the evolving baby.  There is a natural intelligence that takes over.  She listens to her body though.  Feeds it good nutrition, rests, and exercises.  Similarly when birthing a project take good care of it and then let the natural process do the rest.

10. Commitment- Be willing to commit to your vision and goals.  Allow yourself to be realistic with time lines, implementation, personal strengths, and follow through.

11. Open to Receiving and Being with the Mystery- Embracing the gifts in life.  Knowing good things will come your way and allowing yourself to see and accept them.  You deserve it simply because you are you.
mystery_DaniVox12. Accepting Self and Others- Self acceptance is embracing the beauty and all aspects of you.  You are able to embrace both the dark and light sides of self and humanity while navigating both when needed.  The light, the dark, the continuous integration.

13. Balanced and Nurturing Self Care- Giving yourself permission to take care of yourself on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  Knowing, it is an act of self love.

14. Purify and Release- Be willing to let go.  Change can be empowering.  Having the ability to recognize when it’s time to release what no longer serves you, your creation, or your work.

There is a lot of information to absorb here so I will share more about what I learned in this meeting in my next post about Commitment.

Whatever type of business you are in, I encourage you to meet me at the next Goddess Collective meeting held every last Wednesday of the month at Montclair Women’s Center: 1650 Mountain View Blvd, Oakland CA. 94611.  To stay in touch about their monthly events, sign up at http://www.meetup.com/goddess-collective  

See you soon!

Danielle Hall
aka Dani Vox!

2013, Day One


Well hello 2013. Lets do this!


Danielle Hall
aka Dani Vox!

2013 A Year Ahead



As the New Year approaches, you may be thinking about the goals you want to achieve in 2013. Perhaps they’re specific and concrete, or perhaps you’re still figuring out what you want…

I dont know that I have any resolutions.  I do know that I want to continue to create and inspire.  2012 has been a year of adventures for new experiences, enlightenment, unions, gratitude, and clarity.
Dani Vox-Positive EnergyI feel so full of love, and the freedom from a weight that had been barring down for such a long time, lifted.  I can only see a positive path ahead leading me prepared for everything 2013 has to offer.  And its ALL GOOD BABY!

So, raise the volume on the loving voice within!  Life is great!

I wish everyone great abundance in 2013!  Happy New Year!


Danielle Hall
aka Dani Vox! <3

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