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A Week in LA- Scene Study


DaniVox_SceneStudyI often take a trip down to LA to attend Scene Study at The Acting Center.  I highly recommend them!  Both the students and teachers are super supportive.  Love it!
DaniVox_Scene StudyThis time around, I went down for a whole week to submerge myself in Scene Study.  Snap shot of me breaking down my character, Claire Foster, from the independent movie I am in, (Refuge). Scene to be shot soon! Woot!
DaniVox_fonuts1And then I was introduced to this place… I am OBSESSED!  I ended up going to get fonuts 3 times while I was there.  And I didnt just  have one.  I bought 3 each time!!!  SO GOOD!  Here are a few more pics to get my point across.  SO GOOD!

DaniVox_fonuts2 DaniVox_fonuts3
Below are a few more pics.  Im kind of loving LA.  :o)


Dani Vox

Dani Vox Giveaway WINNERS!


I was so thrill that you were interested in participating in my Dani Vox Giveaway!
DaniVox Bag_DanielleHall
Thank you for spreading the word about my voice overs and for the support that so many of you have given me over the years.

The winners are Mike (Buffolo, NY),  Nikki (Tallahassee, FL), Casey (Weaver, AL), Nichole (Houston, TX), and Kate (Oakland, CA)  I love that Dani Vox is reaching out across the US!

Check in from time to time for more giveaways and great tips, inspiration, and love!

Thank you again,

Danielle Hall
aka Dani Vox


The Voice Audition


Hey guys!  Thank you for following up on how my  audition for The Voice went.  I did not make it to the next round however, I am stoked about how my audition went!

As you know, I have been giving everything I possibly could to be as prepared I as I possibly could for the audition.  I gave up alcohol, coffee, and dairy.  I worked out every other day.  I had vocal practice with a voice coach 3 days a week AND I was eating healthy, drinking lots of water and getting plenty of sleep.

I was prepared and felt great!  When it was my turn to sing I jumped up with the biggest smile and full of excitement to perform.  I could tell that the casting director was digging my energy.  I sang 100 Days, 100 Nights and felt amazing afterwards.  When I was done singing I wanted to scream out “HELL YEAH!” because I knew it was that good.

Check out this video of when I sang 100 days, 100 Nights at The Make Out Room last year!

I guess I should have began with the process for the audition.  :o)

There are 2 pre screening casting levels before you have the opportunity to be on The Voice  for the blind audition.  The first is singing A Capella and the second is singing with a track.  You register online and a week before you are scheduled you will receive an email from them with your registration info that you need to print out and bring with you.  See below:
DaniVox_AuditionPassThe VoiceBring this and your ID.  You will not be permitted to audition if you do not bring these items!  My friend Kristina and I road tripped it down to LA and stayed with a friend.  It was quite an adventure from the beginning…I sorta, kinda ran out of gas on my way to pick her up and she had to rescue me!
DaniVox_TheVoiceAudition_7DaniVox_TheVoiceAudition_3Make sure you drink plenty of water to be hydrated and that you are well rested.  We arrived in LA Friday night so that we had Saturday to take it easy.  Our audition was Sunday Feb 3rd at 2pm.  We got there at 1:30pm an there was a super long line.  Dont let this discourage you though.  Once it hit 2pm the lined moved pretty quickly inside the LA Convention Center.
DaniVox_TheVoiceAudition_9Expect to be there 3-4 hours.  We were there for 3.  The process IS really that long.  You enter the building and go through security.  Your audition pass gets scanned and they check your ID.  You are then led to another room where you are assigned a lane.  Your audition paper is scanned again and your ID is checked.  At this point you can put away your ID.
DaniVox_TheVoiceAudition_4You are then told to have your audition paper scanned by another person who then assigns you to another lane.  This will be the group of people you go into the audition with.  Your lane is then led to another larger room where everyone waits to be seen and heard.  Up until this point everything kept moving.  I think we sat in this room for about 30minutes.  Still, not to bad!
DaniVox_TheVoiceAudition_2You could see the rows of people being led to their audition room and everyone would clap for them and wish them luck.  Then it was my groups turn.  There were 10 of us in the group.  (Kristina and I didn’t make it into the same group)  We were led to a smaller room where the casting director sat at a table with her laptop.  She was super sweet and let us know that when she called our name we would need to stand on the X.  She also said that she will be taking notes on everyone by writing and typing on her laptop so we shouldn’t feel discouraged if she wasn’t looking at us.

There were a few people in my group who were good but she didn’t take any of us.  There was a duo (twins) who she said that they are a “maybe” and she would let them know by 7pm that night.

I am still on a high from this experience.  Because of the way I prepared I was confident and felt ready.  I knew I had given everything I possibly could to this audition and I gave a top notch performance.  There was nothing I could have done differently or have done more.  At that point it was left up to the casting director to do her job the best to her capabilities and cast the right people for the show.  It’s because of all this that I feel so amazing!
DaniVox_TheVoiceAudition_5Thank you for reading!  I hope this inspires you to keep reaching for you goals.  In a million years, I never thought I would audition for something like this… to give myself that opportunity.  Im so glad I did.

Much love,

Dani Vox

Danielle Hall
aka Dani Vox!


The Voice!


I have decided to do something BIG!  Sunday, February 3rd in LA, I will be auditioning for The Voice!  Check it out!  It’s official!


I am super excited!  Aright, time to prepare,

Danielle Hall
aka Dani Vox!

2013, Day One


Well hello 2013. Lets do this!


Danielle Hall
aka Dani Vox!