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Day 18, Haute News Character VO!


It’s Day 18, of my 30 Day Character Voice Over Challenge!

With the use of Instagram, I am challenging myself to do 1 new character voice a day for 30 days.

Sometimes you just have to look up to get inspiration…

Check out Day 18, “Haute News” Character Voice Over.

Keep up with me each day here on the Dani Vox Blog as well as on Instagram.  http://instagram.com/danivox

I leave for LA tomorrow to attend a voice over conference, That’s Voice Over!  I am STOCKED because I made it to the second round of the VO Contest!  WOOT!  Think of me on Saturday!  There will be a play by play of the day on Instagram and on my Facebook Fan Page.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s new character voice!  Thanks for stopping by!

Dani Vox

30 Day Character Voice Challenge! Duster Man!



With the use of Instagram, I am challenging myself to do 1 new character voice a day for 30 days.

THATS 30 ORIGINAL VOICES!  Can I do it?  :o)

Keep up with me each day here, on the Dani Vox Blog as well as on Instagram.  http://instagram.com/danivox

Check out the first voice, “Duster Man” and leave a comment below about what you think!

Dani Vox

4 Selling Words


DaniVox-copy2When writing copy for your blog, newsletter, facebook or twitter post, do you ever think about the tone or how it will come across?  How your audience feels?  How you want them to feel from reading your copy?  What is it you would like to communicate?

It’s something I have been thinking more and more about lately as I have made my newsletter a frequent offering.  I have noticed that even in my blogs I tend to obsess over using one word over another.  ”Cheers!”  over “xoxo”  Even though the words may communicate the same action, in this case the closing of a blog,  using one word or phrasing over another could create a different feeling.

For example:
“It appears to me that…” and “I am convinced that”  See a difference?

There are a few great SELLING words that can help your copy as well.  In an article by Gregory Ciotti, he researched the top five persuasive words in English.  His list is not suprising and yet the research behind it is pretty powerful.

You: or your name is something that is so easy to be forgotten and yet so important for great communication.

Free: Gregory explains the principle of loss aversion. All of us naturally go for the lowest hanging fruit and free triggers.

Because: Because is probably as dangerous as it is useful. Creating a causal relationship is incredibly persuasive: “even giving weak reasons have been shown to be more persuasive than giving no reason at all.”

Instantly: If we can trigger something immediately, our brain jumps on it!  Words like “instant,” “immediately,” or even”fast” are triggers for flipping the switch on that mid-brain activity.”

You can check out the full article from Greg Ciotti here

Do you consider the copy you have written before you make a post?

Thank you for the love,

Danielle Hall
aka Dani Vox


The Point Is?


DaniVox-AhHasmHey!  SO I was just thinking to myself, “What is the point of my blog?”  ”Why do I write it?”  ”Are people REALLY that interested in what I HAVE TO SAY?”

-Well, I write this blog for a few reasons.  One, is because it helps keep me accountable.  In voice overs, acting, singing, modeling, business, health, fitness, spirituality… these are all things I am interested in.  In writing about these things, it helps keep these things moving fluidly for me.  And what a great way to share something I am excited about and possibly help someone else out, right?

-Two, is my last statement.  I LOVE to help people.  I LOVE to inspire people.  My wish is that you will land on a posting, whether its here on my blog, Facebook, or Twitter at just the right time where you are ready to receive the information I have shared.  Its not about “Any Old Time”.  It really is that tiny window where someone says something to you at the right time and it (for whatever reason) resonates with you.  Right then!  To inspire you.  To make you think more positively.  To make a change in your life.  To help you in business.  WHATEVER it is… to help and to serve.
DaniVox_WhatWeGive-Three, well, for the purpose of a back log of my experiences and information that I can go back to any any moment.  Somewhat  of an open diary with no key.  Laid out, open, on the bed for anyone to pick up at anytime.  It feels freeing to just say “Hey!  Here is ME.  Take it of leave because you have the choice to be here.”

And finally…”Are people REALLY that interested in what I HAVE TO SAY?”

I will leave that one up to you dear reader.  If you are here and reading this please write a comment below.  I am interested to see how the comments grow on my blog as my business grows and word gets out about what I do.

I would like to get to know my readers better so please leave me a comment below about what you do or something about yourself that you would like to share.

Thanks for reading!

Danielle Hall
aka Dani Vox!

Hawaii Vacation!



Dani Vox-Vacation-1

It has been a LONG time coming!  No computer.  No work.  Just sleep, relaxation and a lot of adventure!  You know what I mean.  Everyone needs a little down time to recharge and reflect… or recharge!  Haha!  Below is a MUCH edited down version of our trip to the Big Island.  Enjoy!

Dani Vox-Vacation-5

Dani Vox-Vacation-17Dani Vox-Vacation-3Dani Vox-Vacation-4Dani Vox-Vacation-

Dani Vox-Vacation-7Dani Vox-Vacation-9

Dani Vox-Vacation-18Dani Vox-Vacation-14


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